Receivership Services

Experienced in both Custodial and General Receiverships

We assist by taking control of property and businesses, stabilizing operations, and facilitating dispositions under the supervision of the Superior Courts. Receiverships allow for the parties to avoid liability issues that can occur by going into title on real estate, provide a procedure to sell assets free and clear of liens and encumbrances and provide a mechanism for advancing funds secured by the underlying collateral for the completion of projects. We also provide all required entitlement review, jurisdictional relationships, land planning, project management, construction completion and business plan services.

The unique business pairing of long-term experience in the banking, real estate development and legal sectors offered by the coupling of Resource Transition Consultants LLC principals is critical for searching for the right solutions in this transitional economy.

The people we work with know us as experts in our field. They understand and appreciate that we work as an advocate to enhance the value of assets under our administration. Because we are uniquely positioned to provide excellent, efficient service on the most complex of troubled assets, we have quickly built up a loyal following.

By combining our superior knowledge of the core real estate products with innovative solutions, we are able to manage and eliminate concerns in a manner that efficiently meets the established goals.

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