Business Receivership

We are Skilled Business and Legal Managers

We serve as general receivers for troubled companies with tangible and intangible business assets that have been gridlocked by economic or operational circumstances. Our service is called upon when stakeholders seek an optimal, commercially-driven solution that is faster and less costly than bankruptcy.

We bring decades of successful business, analytical, mergers and acquisitions, strategic execution, financing, complex-transaction and legal experience to our court-appointed role as receiver for corporate assets. We move quickly to secure, protect, and where possible, maximize business value before monetizing it for the benefit of secured creditors.

  • Our group understands corporate and contract law principals, and how those disciplines influence the economic value of corporate assets as well as the critical importance of completing each step and accounting for each asset and liability in a receivership action.
  • We are resourceful managers possessing common sense, education and experience, along with deep industry connections to a broad array of sectors, giving us valuable perspective on options that others may simply ignore.
  • The scope of our leadership skills and business experience spans both entrepreneurial and corporate organizations. We have successfully recruited management teams, executives and professional service providers critical to business success in both financial services and technology sectors.
  • We have a proven track record for crafting ingenious, practical solutions to complex business, legal, tax and intellectual property problems.
  • We act promptly upon appointment, reaching out to potential buyers and investors directly, and also via web, to analyze demand and identify interest in order to maximize proceeds at disposition.
  • Our goal is to provide fair and efficient resolution to the issues that are faced when dealing with troubled business assets, either as a going-concern sale or through liquidation. Through maturity and experience, we are good listeners – collecting key advice from stakeholders, their legal counsel, and informed third party sources – enabling us to apply informed and sound business judgment before executing on specific recommendations.

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