Resource Transition Consultants, LLC

The Company Profile

Resource Transition Consultants LLC was established to provide receivership services and unparalleled analysis and comprehensive acquisition and disposition channels to navigate through increasingly complex distressed real estate markets. Combining the 90+ years of experience of the principals of RTC has led to an efficient due diligence, financial analysis and acquisition and disposition services team.

RTC provides the leadership, strategy and execution skills for parties seeking to stabilize and/or dispose of assets in transition. Our experience working on all asset classes including land development, single family residential, multi-family, mid- and high-rise condominiums, commercial retail and shopping centers, office and industrial properties provides the wide-ranging knowledge required to maximize the value of assets.

The Business Philosophy

The guiding principles by which we manage our business:

  • Think outside of the box. Creative solutions for complex problems.
  • Service in an efficient yet thorough time frame.
  • We have relationships with vendors, subcontractors and associates to ensure that we can act as a One Stop Shop for troubled asset management and disposition.
  • An unyielding dedication to efficiency, precision and quality.

Thoroughly committed to the markets we serve — totally focused on the project's priorities. First we identify the goals, then we listen to the needs, finally, we create innovative solutions.

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